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Choose the Right Plan for Your Employees and You

Fears about the Plan

  • I think I’m doing all these great things for my employees, and I find out that they aren’t engaged and see it as a benefit.
  • By offering this, I’m exposed to possible negative DOL, IRS, ERISA ramifications when all I was trying to do was help.
  • Fulfilling all my responsibilities is confusing and a time drain taking away from my core business.

Cheers About The Plan

  • The retirement plan is a tool where I can reward tenure and give my employees free money. Pretty sure they’ll like that.
  • I can help them save and incent them (via match) to put money in a retirement bucket that will more than likely become their biggest asset.
  • I can help them help themselves, which basically makes me a super hero.

Fiduciary Risk Review of Current Plans


Provider Analysis

You can be confident working with us because as an independent, RIA firm, we are able to provide an unbiased approach to service provider benchmarking and analysis.

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Selecting and monitoring the plan’s investment options is not only a serious fiduciary task, but it can greatly impact your participants’ outcome.

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Investment Analysis


Plan Design

Once we’ve selected a plan service provider, we’ll work together to create a plan that provides comprehensive benefits that meet the unique needs of your employees.

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Your retirement plan is a great tool that allows you to provide your employees with free money, incentivize good behaviors and reward loyalty.

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Employee Experience


Fiduciary Guidance

Trustees of the employer-sponsored retirement in your organization have personal liability for the assets in your plan and, therefore, must understand their fiduciary responsibilities and the necessary tasks to fulfill them.

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For Higher Ed Retirement Plans

Smaller institutions deserve the same treatment and services as the larger institutions; however because of the size of your plan and inability to afford a fiduciary consultant you lack the buying power and expertise to command attention. That doesn’t seem fair to us! We offer you this ability by uniting with other small institutions. We now have the leverage to go to market and have you receive the attention you deserve.

Ready to Get Started? Request a Fiduciary Review

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